I make videos. And other things.

I'm a video producer and presenter at AJ+.

Before that: I moved to Iran in 2013 to work as a freelance journalist for a couple months...but ended up staying for two years.

While there, I freelanced articles for The Guardian's Tehran Bureau, surprised unsuspecting pedestrians with my camera for Humans of Tehran (a Facebook page modeled after HONY), whispered live Persian-language translations into people's ears for a TEDx event, swashbuckled from Southeast Asia to Western Europe as an evangelist for an Iranian animation studio, and roamed the streets of Tehran trying to make viral videos with a bearded-warrior-in-a-kilt puppet.

Before Iran, I stalked foreign dignitaries at the UN stakeout room while climbing telephone poles to film Occupy Wall Street protesters for Al Jazeera English, helped cover the five boroughs at New York 1 News, learned a thing or two about PR and Silicon Valley at Yahoo, and interned at the video game website I'd worshipped since I was a kid, 1UP.com.